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1280 Simmons Avenue
Kirkwood, MO, 63122
United States

(314) 822-2601


Letter from Head of School




I love my job. I love it for many reasons, but if I have to choose just one, it’s because every day I have the honor of watching children grow into individual, self-reliant, and confident human beings, who are bursting with knowledge, curiosity, imagination, and personality. I am so proud to be part of this process, and I am amazed and inspired by the power and potential of children. 

It’s all because of Montessori. We are an AMI-accredited Montessori School, 100% committed to the authentic Montessori method—a century-old, child-centered approach that has proven time and time again to give children a thorough and meaningful education. We offer a strong academic curriculum taught in an open, challenging, and encouraging environment in which the children self-direct their learning. We emphasize timeless life skills, such as problem solving, integrity, courtesy, and self-expression. Our children work hard to develop the knowledge and the skills to care for themselves, their community, and their environment, and we are here to help them along that path.

We do not underestimate children. We know that every child is capable of so much more than she is often given credit for because we see it every day. Imagine a child who is eager to know everything about everything, who is never told she can’t do it, who is encouraged every day to keep asking questions, to explore, to discover, and who grows up to be a capable, engaging, and confident adult. That is the kind of child we hope to foster here at Villa. In other words, we are helping shape incredible people, who just might one day change the world.

Please come and see the magic for yourself!

To arrange a tour of our school, please contact me at or (314) 822-2601.

Laura Ceretti-Michelman
Head of School